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Should I prepare the home for the photo shoot?

Ideally, the listing should be cleaned and prepared for the best possible photos prior to the scheduled appointment. This allows our photographers to get in, get the best shots possible, and get the homeowners back into their lives with minimal disruption. We don’t allow our photographers to move furniture, clean homes, or move personal items. They can make suggestions to improve the photos, and make minor adjustments, but we do not take on the liability of moving possessions. We have created a carefully curated PDF checklist that you can easily share with your clients to help prepare for the photo shoot. It is automatically emailed once you book your appointment. If for some reason, you do not receive it or accidentally delete it, it can be downloaded at this link

How should I prepare the listing for a twilight shoot?

For the absolute best twilight photos, please ensure that all garage doors are closed, garbage cans are hidden and all cars are removed from the front of the driveway and front of the home. Other considerations that will enhance your twilight photos are a freshly manicured lawn, fresh flowers, and clean patios/porches/decks/pools. Please ensure that all interior and exterior lights (with the exception of floodlights) have been turned on and all blinds have been opened to create a warm and inviting view of the inside of the home. Please arrange any outdoor furniture and ensure that toys and pool accessories are stowed away. Bonus points If you have a pool! They really "pop" in twilight photos. Just make sure it is open, clean, and that all lights (including any submerged lights) have been turned on. Learn more at

How do I schedule a photo shoot?

To schedule a photo shoot, you have several options. You can visit, create a member's account, call, text, zoom,, or even make an appointment through Google. Select any of the ‘Book Now’ buttons and you will be directed to a booking checkout page where you can choose the date and time.  

How long will the photo shoot take?

We understand that real estate agents have complex schedules. A typical photo shoot is generally an hour and a half to 2 hours, but can go longer or shorter depending on the square footage and acreage of the property. 

What happens when the photographer arrives?

Our photographers will introduce themselves when they arrive and ask for any relevant details of specific features. They will usually perform a quick walkthrough of the property to make minor adjustments such as opening blinds, curtains, turning off ceiling fans, closing toilet lids, and adjusting lights. The photographer may also make suggestions or hide small accessories or trashcans from view.

What does the process look like?

Once you have scheduled your appointment online through, google, or via a quick phone call/text/Zoom, carrier pigeon, telegraph, smoke signals, or whichever communication device available to you; we will reach out to you with any questions or concerns. An appointment reminder will be automatically emailed 24 hours prior to your appointment. Our photographers will arrive at the scheduled appointment time and meet with the homeowners or listing agent, if applicable. Did we mention that we are licensed Oklahoma real estate agents? We understand that real estate agents and homeowners have busy schedules. We can let ourselves in, take the photos, let ourselves out, lock up, edit the photos, and deliver them while you attend to other events. Easy-Peasy! Our photographers will set up their gear and do a quick walkthrough to identify the best shots, and ask for details, features, and specific photo requests prior to shooting. Typically, the photo shoot will take approximately 2 hours, depending on lot size and square footage. Turnaround is typically within 24 hours. We edit the photos to make them look truly stunning, add them to a personalized web gallery, then pre-sort them so you can quickly upload them to the MLS. We will send you a shareable link where you can view watermarked photos. Once you approve the photos and pay the invoice, we will remove the watermark and you will be able to download or share the photos at your leisure.

What kind of Photoshop work do you do?

All of our exterior photos include a sky swap, unless the actual sky is beautiful. We also perform some minor basic photoshop edits as needed to fix small paint discolorations, holes, window/mirror reflections, small spots on carpets/rugs, pets and pet waste. 

Prior to the photo shoot:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you're looking for answers, you've come to the right place! If you can't find the answer to your question, please email us at or give us a call at 405.230.7610.


100% Guarantee and Refund Policy

We want you to be absolutely 100% satisfied with our service. If you’re not completely happy with your photos, contact us at 405.230.7610 or at We will attempt to re-edit the photos and schedule a reshoot, if necessary, at no charge.  If you are still dissatisfied with your photos, we will offer you a full refund up to 30 days after the original appointment date. 

What is your no-show policy?

If our photographers arrive at a shoot at the scheduled appointment time and no one is there to let them into the property, and if no other arrangements have been made for a lockbox or hidden key, there will be a 25% charge of the total amount of the shoot. We are licensed real estate agents, so please make arrangements and we can let ourselves in if it is more convenient for you or the homeowners.

What is your cancellation policy?

We do not charge a cancellation fee. However, we ask that you please be courteous and cancel any shoots a minimum of 2 hours before the scheduled appointment time, to save our photographers from unnecessary travel.

What if the home isn't ready for the photo shoot?

We respectfully request that you ensure the home is ready for photographs prior to our arrival to guarantee the best shots. If the home is not in a clean and ready state, we can shoot it as is, or reschedule. If rescheduling or shooting as is, our photographers can perform some minor cleaning/preparations for an additional $25 fee. Please use our PDF checklist prior to the shoot to ensure the optimal shoot, available at this link.

What is your reshoot policy?

We offer 1 free reshoot on any property for any reason as long as it is within one year of the original photo shoot.


AdobeStock_486139118 (1).jpeg

What is your turnaround time for photo shoots?

Our standard turnaround time for Monday through Friday is the next day prior to 5:00 pm. Once our photographers have completed the last shoot of the day, they will upload and begin the editing process. We typically edit and deliver the photos within 24 hours, however there are exceptions for larger homes and longer shoots. Turnaround times for weekend shoots will be Monday before 5:00 pm at the latest, unless otherwise specified.

What is your turnaround time for 3D Scans and Video Walkthroughs?

Depending on the size and complexity of the property, we strive to turn 3D scans and video around within 24 hours. As with our photographs, there are exceptions when the scope of the property exceeds 3500 sq ft, or when the scan or video are performed the same day as the photo shoot.


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