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Showing Off Your Property's Best Side

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

At Viking Photos, we work with Oklahoma real estate professionals to provide optimized staging for residential and commercial real estate.

Many of us know intuitively that staging makes an enormous difference. We understand that buyer psychology influences price, and that buying a property is not like buying a sweater. We know that how a property is presented makes a lot of difference in the eventual result.

With that in mind, we support our OKC real estate clients with stunning and compelling photos of a property that will provide more curb appeal and attract more buyers with better offers.

At the same time, we offer some common tips to help our stakeholders to maximize what all of us can do with a particular property. These tips will help get your parcel into top shape for market.

Bathroom and Kitchen Lines

In order to show off your property the right way, it's important to have infrastructure that is fully functional, working well, and clean and organized. That means if there are cheap plastic bathroom lines sticking out from walls, or jumbled cabling or broken kitchen equipment mounted above countertops, it's going to be more difficult to get that 100% optimized virtual tour with attractive professional photos.

Angles and Transitions

By the same token, gaps in drywall or other irregularities are sure to get noticed, not only by photographers, but by any other visitors who step inside. Again, we can avoid these types of blemishes when shooting, but having these things fixed is definitely to your benefit when you're trying to sell!

Landscape and Lighting

This is another one where we can do a lot of the work ourselves, but it helps to have pre-existing installations in place to show off the property in the best way. Most real estate professionals understand that good mowing and weed control are some of the basics. They also understand the necessity of lighting key areas of a property's exterior at night.

Our point is that beyond whatever it has been installed, we can also use our own accent lighting to really show off both exterior and interior parts of the property in an amazing way. When you look at our gallery, this will come through particularly – you'll see how we use strategic lighting to make our photos look good.

Work with Viking Photos for excellent sale results. Be sure to browse our site to see more about the agreements that we make with our real estate clients for a value-added service in sales and promotions.

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